3D nanofiber protective mask PM2.5 filter up to 99%

  • 2018-02-05

Air pollution as invisible health killer Everyone in danger, but also to the relevant masks, air filter related products sold. MISENG INTERNATIONAL optimistic about the needs of the masks, the introduction of 3D nano-fiber protective masks, NELSON laboratory tests with less than PM2.5 μm 0.1 fine particles are more than 99% filtration efficiency.

MISENG INTERNATIONAL Yang Pinjie was originally engaged in the ventilation line cleaning for nearly 10 years, know how many in the air invisible virus and dust are pushed in the building ventilation lines, and human lungs like the building ventilation lines, in order to refuse When the human body vacuum cleaner, a more healthy life, so Yang Pin Jie planted masks R & D, but also more self-made mask Brand Bre breathe, marketing market.

Yang Pinjie said that 3D nano-fiber protective masks, the use of science and technology plant electrospinning nanofibrous cloth, the use of electrospinning technology than the non-woven fabric has a higher capture area, can effectively block the fine particles suspended at the same time with High breathability, suitable for long time to wear.

In order to make the mask more fit the face, the use of 3D stereo design, fit the face no dead ends, to prevent dirty air infiltration, masks joints can effectively prevent leakage, while addressing the discomfort wearing masks, increased three-dimensional space, reduce the mask Contact with the skin area, reducing the heavy stuffy masks wet.

By NELSON laboratory test μ 0.1 fine suspended particle filtration efficiency and virus filtration efficiency of both> 99%, Taiwan Textile Research Institute detected fine particle size μ0.075 filter efficiency of> 99.5%.

In addition MISENG INTERNATIONAL also developed medical-grade silver ion mask, the use of four protective layer, anti-bacterial layer checks, are long-acting antimicrobial masks, for Staphylococcus aureus, Hepatitis B, E. coli, etc. have super-suppressed Bacteria efficacy.

Currently breathing series of masks in the major pharmacy access are sold.

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